Monday, October 27, 2008

Alice and Bob and the Third Party - Chapter 4 - Level 7

Somebody is listening. Build a tower to intercept the flow of goo! Guide your goo balls down the slopes to the pipe below.

Collect 30 to complete

Collect 42 or more balls to achieve OCD status.


  1. is there a video or somethng.i cant see. how i complate this level

  2. thanx I finnally figured this out!

  3. Ohhh. No wonder I couldn't complete this level. I took one of the square road blocks, then blocked Alice's mouth. They eventually fell into the water. But I used your tactic of pushing them into the pipe with blocks ;) Thanks man!

  4. Thanks a bunch there. That helped me do that level completeley and get the OCD. Thanks Again!

  5. I blocked Alice's mouth too...and it didn't work:)

    Thanks for this, really helped!

  6. the developers have got nice brains
    great lvl, this