Wednesday, November 5, 2008

World of Goo Demo Links for PC and Mac

I've uploaded the demo of world of goo in PC and Mac format

Download them from:

World of Goo Demo 1.0 DMG file MAC

World of Goo Demo 1.0 PC

How to Change World of Goo Screen Resolution

If you'd like to change the screen resolution of World of Goo you can edit the config file.

This is located at: C:\Program Files\WorldOfGoo\properties\config.txt

Edit this file to set your desired screen resolution.

It may be wise to make a backup of this file incase you make a mistake.

Monday, October 27, 2008

World Of Goo Video Walkthrough - Now Complete

I think I have covered every chapter and every level now. I've added some navigation links on each page to make finding the OCD video you want a lot easier. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please let me know.

Use the tags to navigate too. If you want to view all of the Chapter 1 vids, click on a "Chapter 1" tag.

If you have your own World of Goo resource you'd like to share, send me a link and I'll add it to the site.

World of Goo Achievements With Videos and Pic - Thanks to Marius

Thanks to Marius for sharing his World of Goo achievements. Some videos and pictures on the site too!