Monday, October 27, 2008

Bulletin Board System - Chapter 4 - Level 2

Packet loss migration operation! Fire your goo balls across the obstacle course. You may need to carry goo from one side to the other to achieve OCD status.

Collect 4 to complete

Collect 13 or more to achieve OCD status.

Thanks to Tisix for his additional Bulletin Board System video!


  1. This is a deceptively simple level. If you have patience and perfect the aim, you can nail it exactly but if you get frustrated after multiple attempts, you'll find that it's easier to blow the trajectory of the regular digital goos and end up with at least one getting virus'd.

  2. I put all goos in the final , but the exit destroy the goos , i dont know why , and the all another level , just a exit not a goo ball destroyer