Sunday, October 26, 2008

Burning Man - Chapter 3 - Level 1

Welcome to the factory! Set fire to the flammable goo to lower the giant head to reveal the pipe!

Collect 4 to complete.

Finish in 11 or fewer moves to achieve OCD status.

Check out the OCD video for Burning Man - 11 Moves

Check out the extreme OCD video for Burning Man - Just 1 Move!


  1. can you tell me how to bring them closer

  2. To use the whistle just hold the left mouse button down!

  3. i did it the extreme way, too.
    but it took me much more tries to throw the ball at the correct angle

  4. You can collect the red goos!

    There is a narrow gap on the left of the head and the wall. Throw a goo up along the wall and it will enter the gap and end up on top of the head. Be careful not to leave go too early or you will build on the red goo structure. Leave one goo to throw at the torch to light the structure. If you fail, throw a goo into the gap from the top and drag it down to try again.

    If you have a loose goo under the head when it lights, pick it up and hold it against the left wall, under the head. When the head comes down the goo will enter the gap. It is possible to repeat this technique with up to two goos (possibly three if you are really quick).

  5. LMAO, Nice with that one move thing!