Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Third Wheel - Chapter 3 - Level 5

Hey, look over there!

Collect 8 to complete.

Finish in 9 or fewer moves to achieve OCD status.


  1. Freaking amazing to say the least, awesome!

  2. thank you!!!!i couldn't have done it without your help!!i didn't think of using the white goo ball so that it won't break the others..!!you rock.

  3. Very nicely done there. I didn't realize I could connect my yellow goo to those small little cogs on the pink wheel, and he would be safe! Thanks.

  4. I am counting 7 moves, not 9. I also did it in "9" moves... what's the deal?

    1: First green
    2: Second green
    3: Sticky to wheel
    4: Sticky to wheel
    5: Skull to end of structure
    6: Sticky to wheel
    7: Goo to pipe

    Any ideas?

  5. I guess you forgot

    3.1: Sticky from wheel and
    5.1: Sticky from wheel!

    That counts as a move, too, I think.

  6. This level is ridiculously hard - even with your awesome solution. I used to love this game but I've been stuck here...makes me hate this game.