Friday, October 24, 2008

Tumbler - Chapter 1 - Level 7

Keep Growing! Use your green goo balls to build a huge structure to reach the pipe at the top of the level. The turning platform makes this all the more difficult.

Collect 8 to complete.

Collect 35 or more to obtain OCD status.


  1. you can get 36 here by let the white one opening the pipe

  2. oh no~ i this stage is killing me... ;-;

  3. The white basement is too heavy to hold there opening the pipe.

    But once I collected 36 goos! I dont think I'm able to do this again: the secret is to throw upwards the last ball you detach (the pipe stops sucking not immediately).

  4. There is no skill to this level just random luck. I find most of the OCD levels that insanely hard I wanna smash my phone off the floor, so iv given up playing this game. Thought it would be good but WAY too hard abduction irritating.