Saturday, October 25, 2008

Drool - Chapter 2 - Level 1

Welcome back! Dangle your balls of droll goo to the sleeping green goo in the murky water below. Carefully build across the spikes to the pipe, try not to lose your balance!

Collect 10 to complete.

Collect 24 or more to obtain OCD status.


  1. Craptastic recording dude!

  2. A way to do OCD that gives you a little extra leeway is to finish adding drool far above the water, then grab a drool ball and throw it up at the green balls from beneath the water line to send them flying toward the drool. As you wake up three or four of them you can build downward to collect the rest.

  3. i got the demo version on fileplanet and i dont get any levels from DROOL on.does anyone know a site that gives you a ulimited world of goo demo.(besides wildtangent)